Joshua Kaye, DPM

Building a website for Joshua Kaye, DPM, a Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, was a project that combined practical web development skills with innovative design concepts. Working closely with Aaron Mellman, the objective was to craft a digital platform that accurately reflects Dr. Kaye’s expertise in diagnosing, treating, and preventing foot and ankle conditions. The website was designed to be straightforward, informative, and user-friendly, aiming to provide an easy-to-navigate resource for patients seeking podiatric care.

A key feature of this website is the “point to where it hurts” tool, an interactive element that allows users to click on a specific area of a foot illustration to receive a list of potential diagnoses. This feature was carefully integrated into the site to offer users a starting point for understanding their symptoms and possible conditions. While not a substitute for professional medical advice, this tool serves as a helpful guide for patients before they visit Dr. Kaye’s office, making the website not only a resource for information but also a first step in the patient’s journey to recovery.

The development process involved implementing the provided designs into a functional website that aligns with Dr. Kaye’s practice’s needs. Attention was paid to ensure that the site’s aesthetics did not overshadow its functionality. The website includes essential information about the services offered, Dr. Kaye’s background, and how patients can schedule appointments. Additionally, it features patient education materials to further assist individuals in understanding their foot and ankle health.

The collaboration on this project resulted in a website that serves as a practical tool for Dr. Kaye’s practice, enhancing the way he connects with and educates his patients. By introducing the interactive diagnosis feature, the website adds value to the patient experience, offering a blend of technology and healthcare that supports patient engagement and education. This project reflects a focused effort to enhance the online presence of Joshua Kaye, DPM, through thoughtful web design and development.


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Joshua Kaye, DPM

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