As the web developer tasked with creating the website for TwitchFollowers, a platform that ingeniously bridges the gap between streamers seeking audience growth and individuals aiming for a side income through engagement, my objective was crystal clear. The challenge was to design a website that not only served as the digital cornerstone of TwitchFollowers but also effectively communicated the dual pathways available to users: the path of a streamer and that of an earner.

From the onset, it was imperative that the website’s design intuitively guide users towards understanding and choosing their preferred engagement route with TwitchFollowers. To achieve this, I employed a strategic design approach that leveraged contrasting color schemes, targeted imagery, and clear navigational elements to delineate the options available. The homepage was crafted to offer a welcome to visitors, presenting them with a straightforward overview of TwitchFollowers’ offerings, followed by a detailed breakdown of the benefits and processes associated with each pathway.

Interactive features and compelling calls-to-action were integrated throughout the site to encourage exploration and commitment, whether users were interested in expanding their streaming audience or earning by following and interacting with streamers. Emphasizing ease of use, the registration process was streamlined to ensure that users could quickly and effortlessly embark on their chosen journey.


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